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Self Description

I guess I need to tell you a bit about myself. XD

Some Personal Information

Name: TheMasterOfBattle

Age: 18

Country United States of America

E-Mail: themasterofbattle(at)gmail(dot)com

Occupation: Student

I know that doesn't seem let much, but that is the most you will get. :P XD

A Little Bit About Myself

Well, my name is TheMasterOfBattle (fake obviously). I am 18 and and currently attending college, which I why I haven't been able to play much lately. I enjoy reading, watching sports, and playing video games. I enjoy the RTS and TBS genres for games as well as Rock Band (you can watch some videos I made of me playing Rock Band at I never thought I would get into mapmaking, however, the idea for what is now Kaupan Reitin Pass popped into my head one night while I was going to sleep, so the next day I tried to create as much as I could remember, the map as it is now is very different from what is was. XD

I will try to create more balanced maps most likely of the 2v2 variety, I may try to make so 1v1's but those would be incredibly hard to balance.

Give it a few months but I might just have some more map ideas and concepts posted.

My Maps

Completed or Nearly Completed Maps

This is where you will find my maps that I consider good enough to permently be in my mappack. And also a description about the map and how it came to be.

4p - Kaupan Reitin Pass

(currently at version .0.4.4 and is playable and well balanced as far as I can tell. This is my first original map idea and is much different from what it was originally. It used to have tons of open grass and poorly placed terrain. XD

For use with the default settings of 70% exp. modifier, 2 village gold, 0 income, and 125 starting gold.

This map is currently included in my mappack.

2p - Blitz

This used to be one of my favorite maps when I first started playing Wesnoth. So I resurrected it and upgraded it to 1.4.x standard just so I could play on it again sometimes. XD

This map is not as balanced as Weldyn channel that it replaced, but it is still fun to play on.

For use with default settings.

This map is currently included in my mappack.

Download Links

Both are now available on the campaign server in TMOB's Mappack, or you can download them directly from this link.

Imcomplete Maps

This is where I will list my maps that are in the production phase. Some of them may be put in my mappack. I may also show some screenshots.

None as of yet.

Abandoned maps

These will be the maps that either failed to become balanced enough, playable enough, or I deem too old and no more fun.

Map Ideas

This is where all my map ideas will go.

Current Map Ideas

Possible 1v1 idea: 1v1 map with a river crossing through from northwest to southwest, it may be northeast vs. southeast

Successful map ideas

These are all my successful map ideas.

A trade route through a mountain valley

This idea turned out rather well, this map idea resulted in Kaupan Reitin Pass being created.

Failed map ideas

This is where I will put my failed ideas for maps. I my post links to some screenshots of the failed ideas.

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