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Hello there. The purpose of this page is to promote some of the visual mods & add-ons I have contributed to.
I also made a bunch of unused unit sprites, message me if you think you could use some for your add-on.


00536_brazier-creation.pngthe Path of Elements (thread)

Krotop's expansion of the lovely 'Path of Summoner' era created by Wesnoth's founding artist Fmunoz. It adds mixed-element units, a very modest spell-casting system, and summoning units anywhere instead of standard recruiting from keep. This era prodded Elvish Pillager to create the much more bombastic Era of High Sorcery.
    --only available on the 1.6 add-ons server

01416_warlock.pngGrafted Era (thread)

Lets you play "Default + single faction" eras using a single add-on. Currently contains Darklands, Halflings and Nightmares of Meloen factions.

01605_howling_darkness.png Nightmares of Meloen (thread) -- (graphics thread)

Magic can lead to very bad things... A distinct, highly developed faction balanced against default.

Visual mods

old graphics tweaks

Here are patches that will restore some graphical aspects of older Wesnoth... In particular, the much more atmospheric trees, hills and mountains of versions 1.0.2 and earlier There have been many graphical atrocities committed against the people of Wesnoth. I might add some more tweaks later.

trees_2.png old Trees (works on wesnoth 1.12)

hills-variation_2.png old Hills & Mountains ( Doesn't work perfectly on recent releases. Most maps will have a couple ugly glitches in them )

assassin_archer_3.png old Orc Archer and Assassin lines (works on wesnoth 1.12)

drakes.png  old Drakes (works on wesnoth 1.12)

snow theme mod

Applies a snow theme to the game. Units behave as on regular terrain. Incompatible with some content. On the 1.12 add-ons server


a couple of screenshots from the old times
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