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"when Wikipedians brusquely squash people trying to contribute, the contributing individuals may think less of Wikipedia and decrease their willingness to support Wikipedia’s mission. Today, Wikipedia may be so popular that it can afford to lose a few friends; but fortunes inevitably change, and schadenfreude feelings can persist a long time."

I am looking to standardize, update and improve the wiki pages for the mainline campaigns.

For the walkthrough, I think they should be written based on medium difficulty. The rationale is that if you are playing on hard, you are on your own. If you can't beat it on easy, you should step down to an easier campaign.

This should be indicated at the beginning of the walkthrough along with what version it is up-to-date-for.

For the format here is what I have in mind:

  • Have a separate heading for each scenario in both the story and walkthrough.
  • Each scenario heading starts with a bulleted list of Objectives, Lose if, Turns, Starting units, and (if needed) Other. Other are things like "you get extra gold if you go here" or "go here to get a special item."
  • Always capitalize unit names (Dwarvish Scout, Mage, White Mage, Wolf Rider, etc).
  • Don't capitalize races (human, dwarf/dwarven, elf/elven, orc/orcish, drake, etc)

Any help/ideas would be very useful.

"Finished" campaigns:

  • THoT
  • AToTB
  • AOI
  • TSG
  • DiD
  • SoF
  • Liberty

Next on my list: SotBE (story and some scenario strategies), TRoW, NR (story), LoW (story and last scenario)

Others left:

  • UtBS (I'd like help with this one most of all)
  • TEI
  • HttT
  • DM
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