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This is a bot written by Allefant and run by boucman, used to maintain the Contrib: pages.

It doesn't use the official mediawiki bot framework, but just some handmade scripts quickly scribbled together. So anything can happen.

They are:

  • / - An image scanner for the wesnoth phpBB forums. It outputs all the new images since it was last run.

The new image links are in a text file after it is run.

This posts for every image a link to the image, a link to the post it was found in, a link to the wiki page of the contributor, and two links to move the image into the GraphicLibrary and to delete it. Clicking those links uses a horrible hack and mis-uses my SF site to store the commands - so I risk having my acount terminated for this :)

And the new version now also has some helper code for the wiki, for which I sneaked at the offical mediawiki bots. Guess I should add a license note.. for now just note it's all GPL.

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