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About me

Just quickly, I'm actually Cloud on the forum, but that username is taken on the wiki so I used my " Xan" just because it's a common username of mine.

I can't say I plan on using editing the wiki itself too much, more as a place to store faction ideas for people to see.


I'm used to a bigger wiki where your own idea stuff goes in your namespace, not the main wiki. If that's somehow wrong please do contact me, and I'm sorry!

Faction ideas

The Væringjar (Vaeringjar if the 'æ' doesn't work) - Vikings inspired by the Book "Cry of the Icemark" and the Film "Pathfinder".

Era ideas

I do intend to collect some of the above into an era in the continent of Ilfenna. If that happens or not is yet to be seen. If this is the case the current name I have for it is the "Forsaken Era". Of course that, amongst so many others things is subject to change.

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