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I will delete this text later: max_moves, max_experience, max_hitpoints are missing. Maybe more attributes are missing, but I don't know whether all attributes shown in Game Inspector work inside [unit]


It does. I have added it.

scope of applicability of attributes

(by SlowThinker)


what do you mean by "It does"? Do all attributes shown in Game Inspector work inside [unit]?


There are several areas where these attributes may appear:

1) inside [unit] 2) inside [store_unit] 3) inside [unstore_unit] 4) inside Game Inspector 5) in savefiles

The question is: if an attribute appears/takes effect in one point above, does it also appear/take effect in all other points? If the answer is yes then it should be stressed in wiki.

Note: indicates the attributes that are shown by [store_unit] is a proper subset of attributes that take effect with [unstore_unit]

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