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can I add here in the authoring tools page a mention to my campsynth ? is a tool to create a not so skeletal campaign as you can view in the help:

        camp-synt -c -n -s [-s] -h [-h] -u [-u] -f -w
        Warning: put underscores instead of spaces or include in double quotes (eg: a_string or "a string")
        Warning: you can use long or short notations for options:
        -c A_str  is the same of -c "A str" and of --campaign=A_str and --campaign="A str"

        -c Name_with_underscores or  "Name in quotes". This option is mandatory.
        -n Number of scenarios if not provided scenario's names via -s option
        -s First_scenario [-s Second_scenario -s Third_scenario -s End]
           one or more scenario names provided in sequential order
        -h Hero_Name [-h Best_Friend -h My_Dog.Wolf]
           one or more hero names to create and use in the story.
           If the name contains a '.' (dot sign) everything following it is considerd as the type of that unit.
        -u new_Unit [-u Another_one -u Last]
           one or more new unit types to be included in the private units folder.
           If the name contains two dot signs it will be splitted this way: new_unit_name, race, copied_from
           like in: Farm_rebel.humans.Peasant
           This need -w option properly set.
        -f Force the rewrite of an existing file.
        -w Wesnoth path (in double quotes if containing spaces) to access original units.
           If this option is set and the path match 1.6 then the directory 'campaigns' is used instead of 'add-ons'.
        -c Camp_Name  -n  3
        -c Camp_Name  -n  3 -f
        -c Camp_Name  -s Scenario_One  -s Scenario_Two
        -c Camp_Name  -s Scenario_One  -s Scenario_Two -h Hero_Name -u New_unit
        -c Camp_Name  -s One -s Two -h Hero_Name -h His_Friend -u New_unit -u New_Bowman
        -c Camp_Name  -s One -s Two -h Hero -h Friend.New_Bowman -u New_Bowman
        -c Camp_Name  -s One -s Two -h Hero.New_Bowman -u New_Bowman.humans.Peasant

campsynth is a perl script (with core modules usage only, suitable for most Linux systems and packed as exe for the enjoy of some other OS users). It was written based on 1.8.5 version of the game but can be also used with 1.6.x versions and was successfully tested with 1.9.5 (12 apr 2011). campsynth is located at the forum

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