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Anil Verma - More thrill n more passion

I have an idea to propose in the current version of War of Wesnoth. It is that in the case of multiplayer games, apart from the various human users fighting against each other , there should be some teams(1 or 2) from the computer side, neutral to both the sides which interfere in the contest between the human players. These computer side teams will behave slightly different for each human team . So, if a computer team is a little more ferocious against a human team ,another computer team may be a little friendly to that team and this nature may vary even in that game from time to time. Also, it would be very interesting to see how the human teams may alliance with each other or even singly try to throw away the computer teams. I think such a modification will introduce a new wave of interest and thrill to the players. If you liked the idea or want some change in this regard , please do write me.


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