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Make your own ideas

Page for the idea: SoC_Ideas_Your_Own_Ideas

If you have your own idea the best thing is to join IRC wesnoth-dev at and discuss the idea with the developers there. If the developers think your idea is interesting and like the feature you can start to turn it into a full proposal. Once done discuss it again on IRC so the developers can accept your idea.

There are 2 submitted student proposals for this idea

JustasJ - a history-based Campaign on Medieval history of Lithuania

irc: JustasJ
forum: JustasJ

I am Justas and as a person who wanted to create games for a very long time I would like to add my own campaign to the game. To make it a unique addition to the game, I have decided to make it about the medieval history of Lithuania. My campaign would cover a huge period of time - from the first mention of Lithuania in the European texts, 1009 AD to the death of the great duke Vytautas in 1430 AD.

Last Updated: 4/3/2010
See A SoC JustasJ for more information.

Gabba - Interface Streamlining and Planning System

I intend to rework the current Wesnoth interface by introducing a planning system that will allow you to give orders and modify them before executing them as a "real action".

Side benefits include:

  • allowing you and your allies to visually plan moves on the map together
  • replacing "delay shroud updates" by a more elegant system
  • finally making wml "sighted" events work properly

Updated 04/12/2010
See GSoC-WesnothWhiteboard Gabba for more information.

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