Release Notes 1.15.8

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New Content

The roll command

The command roll N chat command has been added. This produces a random whole number between 1 and N when executed. The resulting random number is then visible to everyone in multiplayer games and the lobby, so everyone knows the result of the roll.

Additional zombies

Zombified sprites have been added for the Falcon, Giant Rat, and Gorer/Tusklet. The Sea Serpent, Water Serpent, and Swamp Lizard now also share a new zombie sprite.

Multiplayer moderators

Multiplayer moderators will now be indicated as such in the online multiplayer lobby via an icon next to their name in the user list.

Changes To Existing Content

Add-ons licensing

The client sports a new license information prompt for uploads including a link to the overall server rules. Its wording has also been updated to make clear that the GNU GPL v1 is not an acceptable license.

Add-on version check when uploading

Additionally, in an effort to help avoid potential issues, when uploading an add-on you've created to the official add-ons server you must now always increment the add-on's version. Attempting to upload an existing add-on with the same version or a lower version will be rejected.

Disabling chat

It is now possible to set the number of displayed chat lines to 0 in the multiplayer preferences. This hides all text sent by other players during a multiplayer match from being shown, both in the game as well as when watching replays.

JPG screenshots

Screenshots taken in-game now default to JPG images rather than PNG images since JPG images will almost always take up less hard drive space.

Scenario editor set recruit list option

The option to set a specific unit's recruit list in the in-game scenario editor has been removed.


Text formatting in desktop notifications

The text of desktop alerts shown by Wesnoth, such as when a new game is created while in the online multiplayer lobby, will no longer the literal text formatting markup (for example, showing the text <b> when it should be bolded).

Link formatting

Links to web pages posted in the online multiplayer lobby are now correctly displayed as links when the exact same link appears twice as well as when the link ends up split across multiple lines.

More generally, links throughout the game UI now properly display a hand-style cursor when the mouse moves over them, like it was already done in the Help browser interface. The forum thread links in the Add-ons Manager are also now actual links instead of textbox/button combos.


The wmllint tool has had numerous fixes and improvements implemented, including multiple crash bugs fixed as well as a new warning for incorrectly placed fog and shroud.


macOS ARM support

Wesnoth 1.15.8 now has a native version available for the new ARM (aka Apple Silicon) computers made by Apple. Compiling Wesnoth from source is as a native Apple Silicon app is not supported quite yet as of this announcement, but that should become possible within the next few days.

Minimum boost version

The minimum required version of Boost is now 1.59.

Minimum sdl2_image version

The minimum version of the sdl2_image library is now 2.0.2.

Newly Introduced Issues

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