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Stand as long as you can. Choose your faction, your funding level and your difficulty and prove what you are worth off.

This is an infinitely long, random, campaign featuring the extended era. As you play, it gets increasing difficult in various ways. How many scenarios can you complete?


You fight on a variety of maps (summer, fall, winter, spring, cave, desert, tropical) randomly chosen with your favorite (or not) faction against the AI.

Featuring almost all different terrain types found within The Battle of Wesnoth.

The extended era consists of 12 factions chosen by popularity. It features the six from default plus the dark elves (cave dwelling elves), the frontiers (a lawful faction heavy on mounted units), the dark legion (humans that worship evil), the aragwaithi (a nimble but fragile race of humans), the khalifate (humans from the desert, liminal) and the outlaws (splitted from the dwarves).

The funding modes
  • Moderate means your gold grows quadratically while those of the enemy cubic.
  • Excessive increase your gold drastically, it is the easiest choice.
  • classic is only fore historic reasons there, not balanced at all.

The era can be played in multiplayer maps too (but not the campaign - maybe in the distant future).

On easy, with excessive funding mode, it feels like a tutorial. In general, the first five scenarios are easy, then the campaign just starts and around scenario 18 the real trouble begins. Note: After the 12th scenario you get laurels if you loose

You can download Mystery Campaign from the official campaign server.

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