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Bot Policy Draft

This page contains unofficial information.

This is a policy draft that outlines suggested rules and regulations for IRC-like bots on the official multiplayer server.

The bot must...

  • ...specify master_username and master_password in the [login] WML during the login procedure.
  • ...whisper, unless it's on a private channel and that channel policy allows that particular bot to openly talk on that channel.
  • ...not do an action unless requested by a human. When doing an action, the bot must visibly note the human user on whose behalf the action is taken. The latter is not required when whispering to the author of the request.
  • ...have a nick that starts with bot_ (MP server will display bots last)
  • cleared with the development team. (When you want to use a bot, register a username for it on Wesnoth's forum, and ask the MP developers to add that bot to the "Bots" group.)
  • ...respond to "/whisper help" with the following:
<bot name> : <version> : <master_username>
<short description>
(optional further lines, like usage information)

Lobby Presence

  • Listed below regular users.
  • Visually distinct, for example with a specific icon or text color.

Usage Examples

Example 1

<Alice> /whisper bot_dice 1d2 Alice Bob
<bot_dice> /whisper Alice "roll 1d2 for Alice and Bob: 1"
<bot_dice> /whisper Bob "roll 1d2 for Alice and Bob requested by Alice: 1"

Example 2

<Alice> /whisper bot_ladder game Alice Bob
<bot_ladder> /whisper Alice "ladder game for Alice and Bob: Alice p1 Bob p2 on Freelands"
<bot_ladder> /whisper Bob "ladder game for Alice and Bob requested by Alice: Alice p1 Bob p2 on Freelands"

Example 3

<John> /whisper bot_mappack 3p - Survival
<bot_mappack> /whisper John "part of Nosmos' SurvivalPack"

Example 4

<Steve> /whisper bot_info help
<bot_info> /whisper Steve bot_info : 0.5 : Alice
<bot_info> /whisper Steve This bot only replies to Alice and gives her the current time.
<bot_info> /whisper Steve

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