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The 1.7 wesnoth multipayer server, wesnothd, has a new feature in that it can support rooms. Rooms are much like IRC channels or "chat" rooms.

Rooms only work properly using the new multiplayer lobby interface, which is still a work in progress.

Using rooms

By default when a client connects to the lobby the server treats this as joining the "lobby" room. Joining rooms is possible by typing a /join <name> command, the new lobby gui will then open a new window with the room name. Messages are sent to the room currently active, and the server only relays messages to other members of the room. The client receives messages from all the rooms it is in, regardless of which window is active.

If a room does not exist, it will be created, but only if the server configuration allows it -- room creation can be restricted to registered users or admins, for example.

Quitting a room takes only closing the room window.

Room windows

Rooms open in "windows" in the new lobby, which are basically separate chat logs per room. The windows are listed next to the chat log, clicking on a room name switches to that window, closing windows is possible there as well.

Whisper windows

As a non-mandatory feature, whispers can trigger opening a new window as opposed to just dropping into the chat log. A whisper window is much like a room window, only messages typed when a whisper window is open will be sent as whispers to the other player.

Room commands

  • /join <room> - join a room
  • /part <room> - leave a room (no need to use directly, closing the window is enough)
  • /room <room> <message> - send a message to a room (no need to use directly, plain typing with the proper window open is enough)
  • /names <room> - update member list for a room, usually should not be needed
  • /rooms - list rooms on the server
  • /room_query - other room commands, see below

Room administration

Various commands can be sent at the room level via the /room_query or/rq command. Several commands are available, they take the room name as the first, mandatory argument.

  • /rq <room> persistent [yes|no|] - Rooms created on the server by default disappear on server restart. This might be a problem when normal players are not allowed to create rooms. It is possible, however, to set some rooms as persistent so they are there after a reboot. To do so, an admin should set the persistent attribute using "/rq <room> persistent yes". Sending the query without a value will return current status.
  • /rq <room> logged [yes|no|] - Set to yes to have the room messages logged. Messages will appear in server logs and possibly be picked up by the lobby bot.
  • /rq <room> topic [text] - Set or check the room topic (will be displayed to clients joining the room)
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