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This page is for users to place links to multiplayer maps.

Multiplayer Maps

Use this space to post your multiplayer maps. Try to keep it in # of players order, and be sure to leave a description. Don't tell how GREAT it is, even if it really is.

Example Map

By TheAT

2 vs. 2, Hills. Has nothing but grassland.

Choke Points

By Dacyn

2 players. Symmetrical. Only 23 usable tiles. Currently subject to a graphical bug.

The Islands of the Lost Orbs 0.7

By Shundread

1 on 1, Islands. Has Orbs that can give special powers. Players 3 and 4 MUST be AI.


By pg

Up to 2 Players. Duel map for fast play. Recommended setting of 2g per village.

Mard's Close Enemy

By HardMard

Up to 2 players. [size: 40x40] This is a very fast map for two players. The nearest path to Your enemy lies in the high mountains, while two other encircle the whole area... Which one suits You best ?

Mard's Deadly Claws

By HardMard

Up to 2 players. [size: 30x30] This is a quick duel map. Each player starts on a small peninsula connected by 2 bridges to the nearest islands. One to the north is a vivid forest, while the one to the south is completely coated with snow. The name of this map suggests that obtaining the control of both islands imprisons Your enemy within the "deadly claws".

Mard's Rage Island

By HardMard

Up to 2 players. [size: 60x60] This is a medium sized duel map. Because of its size, the XP modifier may be set to 100%. It's best played with Fog of War and 200 starting gold per player.


By pg

Up to 2 Players. Duel map for super fast play. Recommended setting of 2g per village. Units which move more than 10 may unbalance the map.

Divide and Conquer

By pg

Up to 2 Players. Duel map for fast play. Canyon wall makes for three passages in the middle of the map. Recommended setting of 2g per village.

River Fortress

By Tigrezno

Three player map made with strategy in mind. Two players attack a fortress being defended by the third.

Mard's The Triple

By HardMard

Up to 3 players. [size: 30x30] I have created this map, because I couldn't find any fast and balanced maps for three players. The villages in the middle of the map are a reward for the first to get them and hold them ensuring there's something to fight for instead of just waiting for two other players to weaken each other.

Total Warfare

by Turin

Four player map, with either 1+3 allied and 2+4 allied, or free for all. Allies in allied mode are not adjacent.

The Broken Bridge (Weslin Bridge 2, Exigency)

By TheAT

2 vs. 2, A small map similar to Weslin Bridge. For short, intense games.

Bloodbath Final (Exigency)

By Stosswelle

4 Players, X Shaped. For short, intense games.

Northern Europe

By Telex4

Up to 4 players. Based on a map of Northern Europe, silly, fairly accurate, and plays fairly well.

Castle Hopping Isle

By pg

Up to 4 Players. Many close by and strategically located castles. Which one will you hop to? Small map for fast play.

Recommended setting of 2g per village. Leaders who teleport or move more than 7 may unbalance the map.

The Last Stand of Cyr

By TheAT

2 vs. 3. Two players defend a large fort against 3 attackers.

Control of the Seas

By Dacyn

Up to 6 players. Radially symmetrical. Has only 5 terrains: keep, castle, village, grass, and deep water.

Lords of War

By TheJester

Six player map based on Warlords Illuria. Players 1,3,5 resist in the west, players 2,4,6 in the east. Play it east vs. west.

Caverns of Death

by MadMax

Six player map, designed as a 3v3 co-op. It is set underground.

Four Peaks

By Telex4

Up to 8 Players. Tries to force players towards the middle. Many Mountains.

Chinese Checkers

By Shadowfury333

2,3,4, or 6 players. Player numbers go clockwise from far left.

Suggested Player configurations: 2 players: 1 & 4, 3 players: 1,3, & 5, 4 players: 2&3 vs 4&5, 6 players: FFA, 3team or 2team

The Wheel

By jon

2v2 or 3v3 Multiplayer map.


By jon

2v2 or 3v3 Multiplayer map.

Random Maps

By ebo

As many players as you want

These maps are additional generators for random maps. There is a forest map, a plains map, and two cave maps. NOTE: The cave maps will crash Wesnoth if you press regenerate or attempt to change settings. They are fixed at 4 players.

On campaign server.

Chateaux amis

By Raymond Ostertag

2 vs 2, flatland. You start with your partner in the same castle, so be sure that player 1+2 and 3+4 are in the same team. Recruitment can be made in different places on the map, it's probably a good choice to move your leader. Size of the map width:60 height:30.


By Sea Elf

2v3 with varied terrains. 2 players try to hold a large castle vs. the 3 attacking ai.

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