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When you upload an add-on, some files and directories are ignored and not uploaded.

If you would prefer to have more control over which files and directories should be ignored, you should provide a _server.ign file containing a list of filter patterns. Each file or directory matching any entry of the _server.ign file will not be included when uploaded to the add-ons server.

Where do I put the file, and what goes in it?

The file should be placed within the root level of your add-on (data/add-ons/addon_name/_server.ign).

A specific format is required:

  • (Version 1.13.0 and later only): Blank lines and lines beginning with '# ' (space required) are ignored.
  • Each line should contain exactly one pattern.
  • * and ? wildcards are supported (? stands for any single character, * stands for any number of any characters).
  • (Version 1.13.12 and later only): + wildcards are also supported: it stands for one or more characters.
  • Patterns with a trailing forward slash '/' will match directories; the rest only match files.

Default values

If there is no custom _server.ign file present, a default filter will be used instead, which is as follows:

*.ini  (Version 1.13.12 and later only)

If there is a custom _server.ign file, the contents of the file are used in addition to the defaults listed here.

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