Hodor Replays

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The many faces of Hodor: http://www.wesnoth.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=17442

May Hodor be with you.

Version Enemy Map Players (winner in bold) Style Download
1.2.8 Loyalists Den of Onis heyanana vs keoua PACIFIST Download
1.2.8 Undead Den of Onis ScatterBells vs Perro_Muchacho HODOR Download
1.2.6 Loyalists Den of Onis Admiral_Ensign vs KIsDeath1 ROBINHODOR Download
1.2.6 Rebels Blitz Admiral_Ensign vs Agaetra ANIMEKID Download
1.2.2 Nortnerners Charge Gallifax vs Solaris2 HODOR Download
1.2 Rebels Meteor Lake Doc Paterson vs Dyvim THUNDERDOME Download
1.2 Drakes Charge Doc Paterson vs Toaster HODOR Download

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