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Proposals for improving the GUI in Wesnoth.


Game summary

The current 'End scenario' Dialog is used for all games including MP games where it's not very fitting. Gold saved and such only makes sense in campaigns. This dialog is a complete rework which tries to present more interesting information after finishing a single scenario.



Several proposals, one with minor changes and three with a redo of the graphical representation of tabs. The minor is just a realignment to not go past the boundaries of the tab selection area.





Campaign Dialog

Several changes: Move "Get more campaigns" out of the list, renaming of the buttons, add 'delete' and 'update' button. NOTE: The update button shouldn't not be active for mainline campaigns as in the mock-up. It would be active for UMC's downladed by the user. When pressed it would query the campaign server for an update for that specific campaign (it could do this automatically, but I'm against automatic connections without the users explicit interaction).

NOTE: it was decided against a split between mainline and usermade campaigns so ignore that part of the mockup.


Campaign download Dialog

Updated download dialog. Expanded view to show more info. Note the campaign info is partially dummy values. Icons should be restricted to 72x72.



Multiplayer Setup

No mockup yet. 'load map' should be moved out of the map list and be a proper button.

Help wesnoth Dialog

Mostly add padding (red lines) around text to make it easier on the eyes. The URL should be possible to mark for copying or be clickable.


(Done, but still needs to support click/copy --Sapient)

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