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The Raid

Difficult, 1.9.2

Pretty hard, the peasant youths don’t hit for much and it took some really clever positioning with the town guards to keep the village from being ‘pillaged’. 7/10

The scenario objectives were pretty obvious.

The dialog was clear. It implied something important with Harper. Hmm. The storyline is intriguing.

My major challenge in meeting the objectives of this scenario was not only keeping the worg rider out of the town, but killing off the riders with these weak peasant children.

This scenario was pretty fun for a starting mission. You can’t expect a campaign to start off with a gripping intro all the time, and this wasn’t bad as far as they go. 6/10.

I would make the peasant children run faster than the worgen riders to make this more fun. I realize that isn’t exactly based in fact, but yknow, its hard to hold off the worgen when you’re three turns behind them because you needed your whole force to kill off the first three worgs.

The worgen rider rode straight between my guards into the village, so I had to reload and position my guards differently to make him run off into a corner.


Intro – The hardy people of these marches – Most people will have no clue what this means. Maybe Frontier would be a better word?

Civil Disobedience

Difficult, 1.9.2

Bloody hard…one of those lancers took 20 hp off one of my elders with one hit! Sheesh. 7/10 for difficulty

Scenario objectives crystal clear. Murder, murder, and more murder.

Dialogue is clear, and the storyline interesting. Nobility looking down on peasants? Classic.

No major challenge in completing this mission.

This scenario was pretty entertaining. Only took about 15 minutes to complete though. 7/10

To make this more fun? Give me mounted peasants. Maybe I get them later on, we shall see.

Harper got his rear end handed to him in one shot by one of the horsemen. Fun.

---blank— No bugs to report

A Strategy of Hope

Difficult, 1.9.2

Medium hard. The orcs were the harder of the two enemies, and the NPC managed to hold off the saurians pretty much on its own. 5/10

Scenario objectives crystal clear.

Dialogue would be more interesting if I hadn’t played a couple missions on the first campaign – Already know that asheviere IS sending orcs against her people. The storyline is still pin point accurate, though.

No major challenges in completion.

This scenario was fun. There was just enough swamp to make it difficult to travel, but not impossible, and the pinch points were excellently placed. 8/10

To make this more fun? Make the saurians harder maybe. They went down pretty easily.

No cause for restarting.

--blank— No bugs to report.

Unlawful Orders

Difficult, 1.9.2

Pretty easy. I feel like I cheated or something, actually. 2 on 1 made me laugh. The little trick with turning them from lawful to chaotic every rotation was cute though, I liked it. 4/10 for difficulty

Scenario objectives were clear.

Dialogue was very intriguing. Have a suggestion for wording, posted below. Storyline is, as ever, accurate.

No major challenges in completion

I LIKED this scenario. I felt powerful for once. 9/10 for fun factor.

To make this more fun? Don’t change a thing.

No cause for reloading.


Wording suggestion:

End dialogue: “The penance we are doomed to pay”, would sound better if worded, “penance we are doomed to serve.”

Hide and Seek

Difficult, 1.9.2

Whoa. That was an odd mission. Only had to kill one set of guards to win. 4/10

Scenario objectives would have been better if it had stated that you can kill all the guards you want. Dialogue was minimal, but this ‘master’ person is sure to be interesting. The storyline still hasn’t surpassed the gameplay for entertainment factor though.

No major challenge to completion.

This scenario was a nice little change from the normal slaughter fest. 7/10

To make this more fun? Have the guards automatically notice you at say, 16 turns in.

---blank— No bugs to report.

The Grey Woods

Difficult, 1.9.2

This mission was medium in difficulty, imho. Giving it a 6/10 for the three on two action. Scenario objectives were clear.

The main character on this mission acted like he had a stick up his..uhm. Anyways. Storyline and dialogue were flawless.

No major challenge to beating this scenario.

I enjoyed playing against undead, after my last campaign, Descent into Darkness. Little bit of nostalgia, if you will. 7/10 for fun factor.

Making this more fun..hrm..take away some of the bloody mountains on the way to the lich.


No bugs to report.

The Hunters

Difficult, 1.9.2

This mission was right bloody hard! 9/10

Scenario objectives were clear.

Storyline was clear. Dialogue made me laugh. “Stand firm, its an ambush!” Yeah, stand right there while I stick a sword in your rump!

My major challenge in this scenario was a lack of forwarning about the commander who spawned, and the horsemen. Foot soldiers versus horsemen doesn’t ever work out well.

This scenario was fun in an infuriating kind of way. 7/10

To make this more fun? Give ME a mounted unit.

--blank— No bugs to report.


Difficult, 1.9.2

That. Was. Epic. 8/10

Scenario objectives weren’t clear if you didn’t read the dialogue. Simply said, destroy the fortress of Haldor. Should mention the trap doors.

Storyline drew to an nice finish, while leaving a thread open for future campaigns. I like it. The dialogue was flawless.

There wasn’t really a major challenge to this. Simply letting the allied forces chew on the enemies let me sneak right in and devastate the fortress.

This scenario was epic. 10/10

To make this more fun? Make parts of the fortress collapse as you destroy the catacombs. So you have to dodge around crumbling ground.


Possible error. Maybe I just didn’t understand. Last part of the epilogue. “See you in Three Sisters, old friend. ? Rhelana*” I think this question mark isn’t meant to be there?



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