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Frontier Campaign

Seven months of blizzard whiteout conditions have isolated the village, but the harvest has been exceptional! On the northern shore of the great continent, a tiny dwarvish ice fishing village breaks out of the brutal glacial deadlock. Our commander, Lord Vek, was striken by a terrible orcish curse just before the winter made travel impossible, and we are the ranking warrior of the squad. When the snow clouds finally lift, it is to the unexpected sight of myriad fires on the banks of the small island across the bay. And the war drums start beating as the so long forgotten sun sets on this first day's sunny break from the long northern winter.

Download it from my own little netwinder server [696k]

Expect 4-6 hours playtime from Act I (almost complete). The installer uses gnu make, otherwise you must manually install which is not recommended. Windows players are advised to wait for the Act-I release which will utilize the Inno-Setup installer system.

New submissions are welcome. We will use a "Hub" style for the adventures so that a couple of main plot quests will lead to a hub where the adventures can be done in any order. Do not be overburdened with time-space-etc details, we will fix history and make it all work later on :-) This is a battle campaign, so mainly fun battle scenarios are what we want here.

The forum thread is here: Frontier Campaign Post any new ideas and stuff here. This is a user-made mod so feel free to help flesh it out.

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