Extended Era

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Maintainer(s) Noyga
Factions Aragwaithi, Chaos, Dark Elves, Drakes, Dwarves, Sylvans, Kalifa, Loyalists, Northerners, Outlaws, Sidhe, Steppe Orcs, Undead
Current Version(s) x.34.0
Wesnoth Version(s) 1.2-1.4
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Unit Trees EE Unit Trees
Status Inactive

The Extended Era (EE) contains a number of unique factions, as well as modified versions of many of the Default factions. EE is not set in any particular time period. Extended Era was not uploaded on Wesnoth 1.6 and is currently inactive.

Unique Factions


Main article: Aragwaithi

A strong, agile race of Humans from the southern deserts. They have extremely high damage and good abilities, but are very fragile.


Main article: Chaos

These warriors of darkness have given their souls so that they might serve the Gods of Chaos alongside their demonic followers. Their ranks include both Humans and Demons, and they are devastating when played very aggressively, especially at night.

Dark Elves

Main article: Dark Elves

Cave-dwelling Elves who have devoted themselves to darkness and delight in cruelty. They are accomplished in both magic and swordplay, and do well within their cave homes, but are unaccustomed to the outside world.


Main article: Kalifa

A faction based on the armies of the Persian Empire, the Kalifa are strong in melee combat and have sturdy units, but poor ranged abilities and relatively poor mobility.


Main article: Sidhe

Also known as the wild elves, these view themselves as superior to other races, and even disdain the company of other elves. Their nobles are powerful mages, but they are generally frail in combat and poor in melee.

Steppe Orcs

Main article: Steppe Orcs

Calling themselves the "Steppe's Children", the Steppe Orcs one are of the nonaligned tribes dwelling on the Wild Steppe of the far north, outside the authority of the Orcish Clannate. Their tribe has never known wealth and the hardship of their lives, extreme even by Wesnoth's standards, has left them incredibly hardened. Semi-nomadic in nature, they wander the frozen vastness of the plains, establishing temporary camps in which to wait out the harsh northen winters. While not overly warlike in character, constant clashes with human barbarians and the Northern Elves has caused them to be territorial and wary of all outsiders.

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