Era of Myths

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Factions Celestials, Devlings, Elementals, Therians, Vampires, Wargs, Windsong
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The Era of Myths (EoM) consists of seven original factions based on myths and legends. It has been translated into German and partially Latin.

There are two campaigns using this era:

  • Count Kromire, a vampire campaign
  • War of the Dragon, a windsong campaign



Main article: Celestials

The Celestials are a very spiritual race, believing that there is power in Light and Darkness; and they choose to side with the Light. They believe in this so heavily that they keep their settlements lit at night through bonfires and the aid of a rare species of pixie that radiates light from it's skin. They name these pixies Light Archons and worship them as demi-gods. Celestials also believe something to the effect of "the whole is greater than the sum of the parts." Working together they can achieve great accomplishments quickly.


Main article: Devlings

Tiny (but very angry) demons who delight in pestering other races and causing general mischief. Their small size makes them very weak, but they have large numbers and employ many sneaky tactics to overwhelm their enemies.


Main article: Elementals

Spirits of nature, bound into physical form by magic. Most are strongly tied to specific terrains, and can heal when stationed there.


Main article: Therians

The Therians, a.k.a. Shifters, are a community of humans separated from the rest of Wesnoth in the lands to the south-east. Living their lives unaware of the turmoil the rest of Wesnoth faced, the Shifters focused on studying the arts of magic. Upon the discovery of the art of shapeshifting a new way of life began. Every village in the Therian community has a school dedicated to the arts of magic with a heavy emphasis on the art of shapeshifting. This is why they are known as the Shifters.


Main article: Vampires

The Vampires control several cities and villages. They feed upon the human (slave) population that lives there. Vampires themselves are very seductive and attractive creatures. Their mages use fire- and shadow magic, boiling the blood of their victims and destroying their souls.


Main article: Wargs

These manwolves live mainly in (snowy) forests and hills. They are a very peaceful race, only fighting to protect their sacred Mother Nature. Their alliance of nature includes not only werewolves, but humans, woses, and fairies.


Main article: Windsong

The Windsong are essentially historians: they spend centuries at a time hiding in their Foundation, located on an island in the frigid northern seas, simply watching and recording what goes on in the world outside. However, when the balance of power in the world seems to be tipping, they leave their sanctuary to set it right, believing that any nation which becomes too powerful will cause the world to end.

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