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Editor2 is the new map editor developed by Ilor as the GSoC project. The original project submission is available here: Map Editor Ilor. Editor2 is a replacement of wesnoth_editor, the old_editor. Unlike the old editor, editor2 is compiled in the game executable. The old editor remains in its own executable, both can safely coexist, but the old editor is due to be removed in one of the upcoming 1.5 releases.


To start the new editor, launch wesnoth (the game) and choose "Editor" in the title menu. If there is no such button, it means the game was compiled without editor2 support. Alternatively, you can start the editor directly by using the -e or --editor command line option, i.e. "wesnoth -e".

The interface is largely identical to the old editor, but the internals are vastly different and so some features differ. Some were deliberately removed, like map flipping, but a replacement feature (clipboard flipping) has been introduced.


As of 1.5.4, editor2 is built by default when building the game, and extra steps are required to build the game without it. Consult the RELEASE_NOTES if you need this, or look in the help in one of th esupported build systems.

Editor2 uses the editor2 namespace, and #ifndef DISABLE_EDITOR2 guards in main game code, and EDITOR2 ifdefs in the WML. If building manually, make sure the DISABLE_EDITOR symbol is not set and add the editor2 sources to the build. The editor2 symbols does not affect building of the old editor in the 1.5 releases that have both.


As of 1.5.6, the editor has replaced the old editor, althought there is some polishing still to be done.

Notable improvements and differences

  • Certain operations, like new map, load map and others affecting the entire map should be significantly faster
  • Copy-paste works across map loads
  • Can have more than one map open with fast switching between open maps
  • Redone hotkey system (separate hotkeys from the game's)
  • More robust undo/redo system
  • Better lighting (time of day) setting (with presets from the game)
  • Click-drag paint operations can be undone by a single "undo" (the old behaviour is accessible via the "partial undo" feature)
  • Clipboard transformations (rotate, flip). Also pasting accurately should be easier.
  • -l --load command line support for starting with a map open

Missing (planned) features

  • Random map generation
  • Right mouse button actions
  • Terrain sampler tool
  • Make paint optionally only work on selected tiles
  • Mouse overlays for various tools
  • Map rotations (90 degrees)
  • Help system

Known issues

  • The palette and brush bard code is not on par with the rest, as it was lifted with adjustments from the old editor. A rewrite is needed.
  • Flipping code is not reliable, again was lifted from the old editor
  • Music is not managed

Also see editor entries in the bugtracker.

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