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[edit]Compiling Wesnoth


Eclipse with CDT is a free Integrated Development Environment for the C/C++ programming language. You can use it to edit and compile Wesnoth code on MS Windows, GNU/Linux or MacOSX. This guide refers to Eclipse Indigo with CDT for linux developers.

Important links:

Importing the project into Eclipse

- Click "File | New | Makefile Project with Existing Code". Into "Existing code location", use the path of Wesnoth sources. Don't forget to choose a toolchain for indexing (e.g. Linux Toolchain)

Setting the build command to Scons

Right-click on the Wesnoth project (inside the project explorer). Select the "Properties" entry from the dropdown menu, then select "C/C++ Build" in the Properties window and type "scons" inside the "Build Command" text field. Then press Ok.

Adding libraries to the project

If Eclipse don't automatically find the libraries (resulting in not finding symbols), right click the project (inside the project explorer), then select "C/C++ general | Paths & Simbols" and inside the tab named "Includes" select "GNU/C++", then press the "Add" button. Select "Filesystem", then enter the correct path to Wesnoth dependencies (e.g. /usr/include/SDL, /usr/include/pango-1.0). After this operation Eclipse should ask you if you want to rebuild the source index (say yes).

Building Wesnoth

After selecting "Project|Build Project", you should see the scons output inside the console view.

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