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Gender: Male


Unit type(s): Dwarvish Lord

Dursil was a dwarvish lord who encroached on elvish lands, before being interrupted by Glimir. He was one of the first dwarves to encounter Prince Haldric and his refugees.


Our lands are become full, and our mines go to the bottom of the world. We have won our war against those things that live in the dark. By what right do you claim all of the forests of the world, and all of the land south of the Great River, and force us onto only the hills and mountains of the north? There are hills and mountains as good as any here in the south!
—Dursil complains about the treaty settlements between the dwarves and elves.

Dursil was one of the dwarves who broke the treaty with the elves by resettling in the Brown Hills, south of the Great River. He was discovered chopping wood at the Bay of Pearls by elvish marshal Glimir. When confronted, he complained that the treaty between the dwarves and elves resulted in wasted natural resources. Before they could argue further, Glimir spotted human ships on the horizon, mistaking them for an invasion, and they both agreed to a temporary truce.[1]

When Prince Haldric emerged from the ship and attempted diplomacy, he was attacked by Glimir and Dursil's combined forces. Immediately after fighting broke out, a member of the Ka'lian, Lady Dionli, intervened and demanded the humans accompany her, while she ordered Dursil to return to the Brown Hills, and then to migrate back north of the Great River. Dursil conceded that he would leave, but warned that the dwarves might refuse to return north.[1]


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