Drake Replays

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Enjoy learning to burn all your foes to ashes.

Version Enemy Map Players (winner in bold) Event Download
1.3.13 Drake Sulla's Ruins Doc Patterson vs Najale None Download
1.2.5 Loyalist Silverhead Crossing Gallifax vs Reloc None Download
1.2.4 Loyalist Sablestone Delta Cackfiend vs Pietro TOC3 Download
1.2.4 Loyalist Hamlets Cackfiend vs Pietro TOC 3 Download
1.2.4 Loyaist Charge Cackfiend vs Ereksos None Download
1.2.4 Knalgan Charge Cackfiend vs n None Download
1.2.3 Northerner Blitz Cackfiend vs Destruct None Download
1.1.8 Loaylist Charge Becephalus vs Kollle None Download
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