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Xdelta is a tool for generating binary difference files (or diff files).


  1. Get Xdelta
  2. Download the corresponding Xdelta file for Wesnoth
  3. Locate the version of Wesnoth you had already downloaded
  4. Execute Xdelta
  5. Install the new version

See also the detailed xdelta instructions for Windows.

See also the detailed xdelta instructions for Linux.

Xdelta files for Wesnoth

Source code

Development Version 1.13.x

Stable Version 1.12.x

Development Version 1.11.x

Stable Version 1.10.x

Development Version 1.9.x

Stable Version 1.8.x

Development Version 1.7.x

Stable Version 1.6.x

Development Version 1.5.x

Stable Version 1.4.x

Development Version 1.3.x

Stable Version 1.2.x

Development Version 1.1.x

Stable Version 1.0.x

MS Windows

Due to issues with file size, producing Xdeltas for newer versions is no longer economical and represents very little difference in file size from the installer.

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