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This page and its contents are not official and should not be considered an authoritative declaration of Wesnoth's future development plans; hence it was moved back into the User: namespace of this wiki. It is preserved here solely in the interest of setting a formatting example for the new project administration. Many of the items listed below are no longer being worked on, were pending proper task planning, or were tentatively assigned to developers who are no longer active in the project.

If you are interested in an official development roadmap, ask the development team directly in #wesnoth-dev.

― shadowm

This is a tentative development roadmap for the next stable series. Features listed on this page should be finished before the next feature+string freeze and first beta release.

Wesnoth 1.14.x

First beta released on: TBD


Feature Author First release
Windows upgrade packages aquileia TBD
Built-in game upgrader TBD TBD
SDL 2.0 used by default Aginor 1.13.3
SDL 1.2 support removed Aginor 1.13.4
SDL_ttf dependency dropped shadowm TBD
Display engine refactoring shadowm/TBD TBD
Automatic WML cache cleanup shadowm TBD

User interface

Feature Author First release
Game version dialog shadowm 1.13.2
Add-on enable/disable UI shadowm 1.13.4
Preferences dialog ported to GUI2 shadowm 1.13.4
Editor Recent Files menu shadowm 1.12.5/1.13.2
Tab bar UI styling TBD TBD
Multi-line GUI2 textboxes TBD TBD


Feature Author First release
Add-ons manifest model shadowm 1.13.4
More game state info exposed to Lua (scenario id/name, next scenario, etc.) TBD TBD
Story and end screen calls mid-scenario TBD TBD
Add-on help pages API TBD TBD

Add-ons server

Feature Author First release
Client/server info protocol shadowm 1.13.4
redirection TBD TBD
Incremental upgrades and uploads TBD TBD
Documentation and support for 3rd party add-ons servers shadowm N/A

Wesnoth 1.16.x

First beta released on: TBD


Feature Author First release
OpenGL support TBD TBD


Feature Author First release
Ambient light effects API TBD TBD
Particle effects API TBD TBD
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