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This artist has also been Imported into the unofficial Wesnoth Gallery. If you are the creator of this work and you wish to receive ownership of the album, please contact the admin


ph_footman_172.png ph_elfcutioner_771.png ph_blademaster_130.png ph_bladesman_944.png tree_153.png aristocracybranchart_200.png ph_young_hunter_175.png ph_duke_137.png newunits_179.png level1units_636.png revised_572.png units_201.png someunits2_888.png newunits3_188.png sketch22_267.png sketch7_141.png sketch29_202.png comparison_745.png sketch21_739.png sketch2_211.png new_fighter_line_140.jpg tarczownik_lvl2_wersja_2_213.png sketch2_444.png ec4_777.png

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