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[edit]Compiling Wesnoth


Compiling Wesnoth on Syllable

This is a guide form 29-08-2007

How to build Wesnoth, in 6 easy steps (and you might even skip two of them), on Syllable. If you already have Developer's Delight, FreeType, and libpng, you can skip (parts of) Step 2. If you have (or don't want) gettext, you can also skip Step 3.

Step 1:

Open the Terminal

Step 2:

Download and install Developer's Delight:

cd DevelopersDelight

Download and install FreeType:

unzip -d /usr
package register /usr/freetype

Download and install LibPNG:

unzip -d /usr
package register /usr/libpng

Step 3:

Build and install gettext:

build update
build log
build gettext-0.16.1
build install gettext-0.16.1

Step 4:

Build Wesnoth:

build update
build log
build wesnoth-x.y.z
build install wesnoth-x.y.z

Step 5:

Move files to Applications:

mv /usr/wesnoth /Applications

Step 6:

Have fun!

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