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This is a transcription of all dialogue from The Fall of Wesnoth add-on. It is meant as a resource for Wesnoth writers. If you don't want spoilers, leave this page now.

Note: This Page will be updated as new scenarios are released.

Part 1

Scenario 1: And so it begins...

Story Text

It has been many long years now since the Kingdom of Wesnoth, the first kingdom of men in this part of the world, ceased to be its own realm.

I am older now, and I may soon take my leave of this mortal realm. I shall not be sorry to rest at last, for life in this world can be hard and cruel, yet I would not depart without leaving some record of my times, and of the events that lead to the Fall of Wesnoth.

History is forgotten too easily by those who lived through it, and it fades all the faster when those who lived it are no more. I write this account in the hope that those who come after will gain some understanding of their past, and with some flicker of vanity, I hope that they will understand my actions, and not, perhaps, judge me too harshly...

Between 673 and 955 YW, the Kingdom was wracked by famine and civil wars, as one petty warlord fought another to possess the crown, weakening the realm while the Northern Alliance and the orcs under Kapou'e rose to become the preeminent powers on the continent.

The last of the tyrants was named King Rurcyn. It was he who signed the pact with the orcs and foul undead, in order to ensure his own power over Wesnoth. Rejecting this alliance, my father King Haldar and my mother Queen Allora led a revolt and, with the backing of the elves of the Grey Woods, gained the throne of Wesnoth.

They renounced the pact with the orcs and undead, and for a time the Kingdom regained some of its properity. But the old King's allies were angered what they saw as a betrayal, and Wesnoth lacked the men or resources to defend its own borders.

In the year 975 YW, orcish raids again increased along the northwestern border of Wesnoth. Such raids were common since Haldar renounced the treaty with the orcs, but now they were larger, more coordinated.

The few remaining villages in the area, poor and largely defenseless, relied on only a handful of royal troops to protect them.

In the small village of Alben east of the fords of Abez, Sergeant Gwadoc of the Wesnothan army musters the villagers to repel a raid, while a messenger rides desperately to bring help from the forts at Abez.

Introductory Dialog

Liryn: Sir. The orcs are sending more raiders across the fords. The villagers have gathered and await your command.

Gwadoc: Arm the villagers and prepare to defend the fords. We have to hold them until Abez can send reinforcements.

Badush: The human traitors are few and ill-prepared. Take them by storm and bring me their captain's head. Put the men in chains and the women and children to the sword. Attack!

Gwadoc: The peasants are ill-prepared to face these brutes, my friend.

(only appears if playing on easy)Liryn: You are right. If they are to survive, they must stand shoulder to shoulder, and they must hold their ranks and surround them to take them down.

Turn 15

Badush: The cursed humans fight better than expected.

Gwadoc: Our messenger should have arrived by now, but I don't know how much longer we can hold.

Liryn: Stand and fight, you weak-kneed gaggle of scarecrows! Fight for your children's lives!

Time Over

Gwadoc: Look! Reinforcements have arrived!

Liryn: Those aren't just any reinforcements! That is The Prince's personal battalion!

Badush: Fall back! We will pay them for this later.

(Reinforcements arrive at this point)

Prince Murdoch: After them! Drive them back from the fords!

Death Dialog


Gwadoc: No. I must...

Liryn: Fall back! Head to the forest! Tell the women and children to flee!

Badush: After them! Kill them all!


Liryn: Ugh...

Gwadoc: No! Without him how will we possibly survive?


Badush: Is... it is finished? I shall be...

(Reinforcements arrive at this point)

Prince Murdoch: Excellent! It appears our help was not needed after all.

Scenario 2: The Meeting with Prince Murdoch

Story Text

Everyone was surprised that the Prince of all people showed up with reinforcements.

Guard: Gwadoc, the Prince wants to talk to you immediately.

Gwadoc: Very well.

Introductory Dialog

Prince Murdoch: Well-met, Gwadoc. Were it not for your actions, I fear we would have arrived too late.

Gwadoc: I am honored, my lord. And yet... I wonder if it was for nought, in the end.

Prince Murdoch: Meaning?

Gwadoc: Every year, the raids become more common. No longer do they merely plunder. Now they come simply to kill and destroy. Today we survived, but tomorrow? Next year? Where are the King's men? Why does the crown not act? I fear that Wesnoth shall soon cease to be.

Prince Murdoch: ...

Gwadoc: Forgive me, my lord, if my words offended.

Prince Murdoch: Nay, do not ask forgiveness for speaking your mind. I ask only that you not speak so in front of your men.

Prince Murdoch: Indeed I am aware of what you speak. You ask where are the King's men, and I tell you that we have no mend to send. My father has convened a council of the lords of Wesnoth in hopes of reaching some solution. Until then, I would not have despair spread among the ranks.

Gwadoc: Of course, my lord.

Prince Murdoch: No matter. Tomorrow, you shall accompany me to the Forts at Abez.You shall become one of my personal guards and an adviser to me. I need brave men who will speak their mind.

Gwadoc: Again I am honored. But, who will defend the villages here?

Prince Murdoch: Your friend Liryn will assume command. I presume you trust him with this duty?

Gwadoc: I trust Liryn with my life.

Scenario 3: Tidings of Good and Ill

(Note: This is only separate from scenario 2 because I did not know how to change maps in the middle of a scenario)

Story Text

The next day, Gwadoc accompanied me back to the Forts of Abez. The Forts had been built in the civil wars, for he who controlled the river controlled the trade with Elensefar and Knalga. Another purpose they served as well was to guard the Fords of Abez against invasion from the North.

When we arrived, my forces under General Deonyc had just recieved word of a large orcish army encamped north of the river...

Introductory Dialog

General Addraenvan: Hail Prince Murdoch, Lord of Wesnoth!

Prince Murdoch: What news, General Addraenvan?

General Addraenvan: The orcs are encamped a few miles to the north. They are burning the villages, and killing all they find. Those who can have fled across the fords. I fear we lack the numbers to attack them, so I am preparing the Forts for a siege.

(A cavalryman rides up at this point. Currently his name is randomly generated so i will just refer to him here as "Cavalryman")

Cavalryman: Hail, Prince! I bring news from across the river, both good and bad.

Prince Murdoch: Well, let's hear it.

Cavalryman: The bad news is that there is a second army moving to join the orcish hord...

Prince Murdoch: That is not so bad.

Cavalryman: Forgive me my lord, but it is worse than you think, for the second army I speak of is an army of the undead. From what I could discern it was led by a lich the orcs were referring to as Mal Yryrcyn.

Prince Murdoch: Indeed, our situation is much more dire than I first thought. What is the good news?

Cavalryman: I have managed to make contact with a Dwarvish Lord. The Dwarf Lord Glamaithsol of the Northern Alliance to be precise. He is encamped some miles north of the orcs and is responsible for keeping order over the surrounding area.

Prince Murdoch: How does this help us?

Cavalryman: While I was with him I told him of what I saw. Of the Orcs and the Undead. He told me that he has known for some time now that the orcs were mustering but can do nothing about it unless they cause a disruption. although he did not know the Orcs were waiting for an undead army to join their host. He has sent a messenger to his superiors to find out what course of action he should take. He has also requested that I return with an ambassador in 10 days, I rode as fast as I could but it still took me 4 days to arrive.

Prince Murdoch: Then we must send someone immediately.

Gwadoc: If the orcish and undead forces join togeather, they will overwhelm us. We must strike now, and destroy the orcs before the undead arrive.

General Addraenvan: Do not speak folly in the presence of your betters.

Prince Murdoch: Let him speak.

Gwadoc: If you send a small force over the river, they can join the Alliance forces and outflank the orcs to the north. If you cross the ford in a few days' time, you can then trap the orcs and ambush them in their camp. Then we can withdraw and face the undead host at the Forts.

General Addraenvan: You are assuming that they will be willing to help us.

Prince Murdoch: Hopefully they will, because it is a good plan, if a dangerous one. If it fails, we may be gravely weakened, but if it succeeds, we have a better hope of victory than if we faced both armies at once.

Prince Murdoch: Gwadoc, I want you to gather a force of men and cross the river tonight. I will attack the orcs from the south in two days' time. Make sure you are there.

General Addraenvan: This is madness!

Prince Murdoch: Enough! Gwadoc, prepare your men, Go meet the Dwarvish Lord. Take my personal guards with you, for you will be the ambassador of Wesnoth to this lord. Our fate is in your hands.

Scenario 4: Executing the Plan

Introductory Dialog

Cavalryman: We are on the north side of the river, a dozen miles downstream from Abez. The main orcish army is further to the East of us, but there are several orc watch posts in these parts. The Alliance forces were some miles to the north, beyond those hills. They have not ventured further for fear of revealing their position to the orcs. Their are also some peasents here who still resist the orcs: they might join with us if we can locate them.

(A White Mage sent with Gwadoc)Alolonna: It should be possible to pass between the forts undetected, but we must proceed carefully to avoid discovery. This fog hides us from the orcs, but it also obscures the dangers ahead. However, taking time to gather more forces might also prove useful.

Gwadoc: Either way, we must move quickly. Let's go!


(A Dwarvish Pathfinder appears as Gwadoc moves to the signpost. He will be referred to as Scout)

Scout: Halt! Who goes there?

Gwadoc: I bring a message to your lord from Prince Murdoch of Wesnoth.

Scout: Quickly, follow me.

Random Village

(There are a few villages on this map where there are peasents spawned when you move on them)

Whichever unit moves on the village: Sir, their are villagers still here who resist the orcs.

Villager: Permission to join with your forces, sir?

Gwadoc: You may join with us, and help us clear this rabble of orcs from these lands.

Time Over

Gwadoc: Drat! Now we surely will not make it in time.

Death Dialog


Gwadoc: No. I have.. failed my kingdom...


Gwadoc: No. Without her we will not be able to train any magi.

Scenario 5: Breaking a Siege

Story Text

The Pathfinder who stopped us at the signpost said the orcs are on the move. And led us as quickly as possible to Lord Glamaithsol. Only problem was, we found more than just dwarves there...

Introductory Dialog

Scout: The camp is not far ahead, Gwadoc. But wait! What is this?! The orcs are attcking it!

Gwadoc: We shall use this camp as a rallying point.

Alolonna: But first we must take it from the orcs.

Scout: I place myself at your disposal, Gwadoc.

Lord Glamaithsol: Greetings, men of Wesnoth! I regret we could not meet under happier circumstances!

Vadash: Wesnothians to the South. Kill them!

Time Over

Gwadoc: This has taken too long. Prince Murdoch will be engaging the Orcish host by himself, by now.

Death Dialog


Gwadoc: No. I have.. failed my kingdom...

Lord Glamaithsol: Retreat into Knalga. The tunnels will keep us safe.


Gwadoc: No. Without her we will not be able to train any magi.

Lord Glamaithsol

Lord Glamaithsol: Ach, ‘tis a bitter end for an old dwarf.

Gwadoc: We are lost! Fall back to Abez, where we shall make the best stand we may!

Enemies Defeated

Gwadoc: Victory is ours!

Lord Glamaithsol: I thank you, men of Wesnoth, and welcome you to my camp. You Have undoubtedly come to inquire whether or not the Northern Alliance will aid you. Am I correct?

Gwadoc: Aye, we have. I am Gwadoc of Wesnoth and I speak on behalf of Prince Murdoch. But, if I may ask, why does the Alliance seek war with the savage orcs now, where before it has seemed content to merely keep the peace?

Lord Glamaithsol: We were not always foes with these creatures you call savages. During the time of Kapou’e the orcs had peace with us. The Dwarves do not forget that easily. But since those days they have become divided and violent once again. Even though the council has not given me permission to aid you yet, the Orcs have just committed an act of war against the Northern Alliance. As such, I no longer require the permission of the council to act. We shall fight at your side: both the sturdy dwarves and the humans of this division. But know this: we may suffer great loss in this battle. It may be that we shall route the orcs, but it may also be the prelude to war with all the orcs and the undead. If that should come to pass, the Council must know Wesnoth stands with us.

Gwadoc: Wesnoth is not as powerful as it once was, but we do not forsake our friends easily. If my word as an ambassador of Prince Murdoch of Wesnoth is not enough, then, you must speak to Prince Murdoch or the King directly.

Lord Glamaithsol: Then that I shall. Let us drink and feast tonight my friends, for we have a long march tomorrow!

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