1.15 Roadmap

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This page is for consolidating and planning when new features and fixes are intended to land in the 1.15 development branch. The release schedule for Development releases can be found here. A thread for discussing this roadmap can also be found here. As a reminder, there is also the previous 1.16 Checklist issue on github, for those who added items to that.


Place the feature or fix you intend to implement within the section of the point release that you intend to have it implemented by, as well as your forum username in parenthesis after the feature description. The point release something is planned to be released with is not set in stone, and can be updated as needed depending on the circumstances.

Additionally, the current set of 1.15 point releases is not final, and can be increased or decreased based on what features and fixes are planned. The only hard deadline, which hopefully is not an issue, is to have 1.16 released by February 2022. This will allow 1.16 to be in the Ubuntu 22.04 LTS release's repositories, and while I realize we don't plan Wesnoth's releases around any distro's schedule, there are also currently no other criteria to use as a final deadline and February 2022 is easily more than enough time to plan out and implement 1.16, especially given how long 1.14/1.15 have already been going.

1.15.4 (08/22/2020)

  • Mainlining World conquest II (gfgtdf)
  • Fix #5004 (gfgtdf)
  • Have #4884 merged, as a lot of the rest of what I want to do depends on this (Pentarctagon)
  • Add the logger level statements needed to fix #4898 (Pentarctagon)
  • Add missing Naga portraits - 1 new portrait, 3 level up variants (Lordbob)
  • Add Royal Warrior portrait (LordBob)
  • Drop the python2 wmlparser and wmlparser2. This would finish issue #1508, and it now seems to be at the "remove it and see if anyone wants it back" stage. (octalot).
  • Either drop or document the l10n-track file, issue #4717 (octalot)

1.15.5 (09/19/2020)

  • Campaignd storage rework and incremental updates (#5038), then incremental uploads (kabachuha)
  • Campaignd support for different min wesnoth versions (gfgtdf)
  • Add Mechanical unit portraits - 2 new portraits, 2 variants (Lordbob)
  • Fix issue #4876, by making UtBS's Quenoth elves not share their help pages with forest elves (octalot)

1.15.6 (10/17/2020)

  • Api to query abilities and traits by id, which are then used by the {TRAIT...}, {ABILITY...} macros (gfgtdf)
  • Re-add the dunefolk faction to WCII (gfgtdf)
  • Create the queryd program. Its purpose would be to execute SQL separate from wesnothd, so that queries that could potentially take several seconds or longer to complete won't block wesnothd from continuing to run until the query completes (Pentarctagon)
  • Implement a game history viewer by utilizing queryd (Pentarctagon)
  • Add Wose shaman portrait (Lordbob)
  • Look how practical the new mainline macros are (Sevu)
  • PR with changes to mainline macros (Sevu)
  • Branch for Lua rewrite of ANL, having an ANL Lua module which can be reused by UMC. (Sevu)
  • Add a help page for gold/silver crowns and loyal marker, issue #4455. (octalot)
  • PR for new animals/monsters, art to be finalized later (doofus-01)

1.15.7 (11/21/2020)

  • Implement an MP reporting dialog as a replacement for the /query report <message> command that's available now. This could include functionality such as searching for the username(s) to report, searching for a particular game to report (currently running or already ended, if already ended then automatically include a link to the game's replay), and inserting a PM to the MP Moderators group from the reporter (though I'm not sure if this part is actually possible) (Pentarctagon)
  • Add missing Monsters & Creatures portraits - 5-8 portraits (Lordbob)
  • Rebalance prices of monster units & Chocobone (Sevu)
  • Mainline Visual Map Pack (Sevu)

1.15.8 (12/19/2020)

  • Add SQL support to campaignd using mariadbpp (Pentarctagon)
  • Store add-on upload history in the database (Pentarctagon)
  • Revamp Duelist line portraits (Lordbob)
  • Sprites and basic animations for any approved new animals (doofus-01)
  • Mainline Undead Empire (an ANL scenario) (Sevu)

1.15.9 (01/16/2021)

  • Add a forum_auth=yes|no attribute to _server.pbl to allow authenticating via the add-on author's forum username and password. Add-on authors utilizing this then wouldn't need to provide a separate email or passphrase value (Pentarctagon)
  • Reorganize scenario/era/modification data in the game_info and game_modification_info database tables into a separate game_content_info table (Pentarctagon)
  • PR for Ghoul line portraits (doofus-01)
  • Draw text on images in IntroWML, useable for place-name labels on the journey-tracker maps; see #5041. (octalot)
  • Handling of vision and movement, issues #3356, #4179. (octalot)

1.15.10 (02/21/2021)

  • Have the Travis-CI MP unit tests validate database functionality (Pentarctagon)
  • Add missing story art for tRoW (Lordbob)
  • Either merge or reject a refactor of terrain handling, as described in issue #4279, Ford^Overlay: Costs for worst(best(a, b), c, d) terrain are worst(a, b, c, d). (octalot)
  • Remove the wesnoth-ai textdomain, as suggested in #4669 (octalot)

1.15.11 (03/21/2021)

  • Remove the scenario editor functionality, keeping specific features that are useful, such as being able to place unit sprites (Pentarctagon)
  • Portraits for any new animals added in earlier milestones (doofus-01)
  • Improve the documentation for the editor, following from the discussion in PR #4999; see issue #2964 (octalot)

1.15.12 (04/18/2021)

  • Add story art for UtBS (Lordbob)

1.15.13 (05/16/2021)

1.15.14 (06/20/2021) (Beta 1)

This will be the start of beta as it's the last date where anyone has work they want to get done by, as well as will provide some time for users to give feedback on the scenario editor functionality removal/alteration. This marks the beginning of the feature freeze and string freeze for 1.15.

  • Add Dunefolk portraits. Next year is quite long-term, but the Dunefolk are plenty so I want to work on them in the background rather than take too much at once and burn myself out. (Lordbob)
  • Possibly work on an UtBS dialogue touchup. (nemaara)
  • By this time, hopefully move around the campaigns so that they're more correctly ordered in difficulty (either rebalancing or simply changing their difficulty ratings). Applies especially to EI. (nemaara)
  • Find and implement a solution to #2710 (unknown)

1.15.15 (07/19/2021) (Beta 2)

1.15.16 (08/22/2021) (Beta 3)

1.15.17 (09/26/2021) (RC1)

Additional RC releases will be done as needed.

1.16.0 (10/24/2021)

This date is contingent upon there not being any remaining blocking issues to be addressed. If there are still blocking issues, then this date will be pushed back until said issues have been resolved.

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